evil goat

EVIL GOAT is a hideous, erratic, formless, tongue in cheek excursion into sonic blasphemy, investigating the purging and cathartic qualities of Noise and the psychic possibilities implied by mantra and repetition.

The two artists; Found Object and Blakevella Mourningcloth who ride the goat, fuse an eclectic range of sound sources from the most thuggish of Primitive Black Metal and the trepanning white-noise of Power Electronics, to the sensitive intensity of New Age relaxation cassettes and back masked Op-Shop Exotica.

The Evil Goat is amorphous, many-tentacled and deliberately elusive, actively plagiarising underground ideology for cynical ends: complete nihilistic abandon being the only logical response to the bacchanalian orgy that is Late Capitalism.

Evil Goat's sound is Misanthropy and Banality re-conditioned into a revitalising ritual trance, laced with poetry, social commentary and old fashioned perverse antagonism; just when you have penned The Goat in, it will escape and devour your garments, staring from beneath a wrinkled horn with a complete lack of respect, compassion or intent.

that should do.

First Snow (Instrumental) .Evil Goat. 2011.